Ozone Therapy Side Effects – Side Effects Caused by Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy have a little bit of side effects. But side effects causes by Ozone Therapy is minor and not frequently happens.

Side effects caused by ozone therapy are as follows:

Autohemotherapy can cause the inflammation of vein, circulatory depression, heart condition, shortness of breath, chest pain, fainting, and gas clot (bubble within the blood can lodge and block the blood on the far side of the bubble).

As ozone therapy has negative side effects, you are require to take this treatment under perfect practitioner.
Ozone therapy to stop and prevent many medical conditions.

The combination of oxidation and oxygenation is ozone therapy. Ozone therapy helps in enhancing circulation of blood and can provide intra-arterial for vascular disease.

Ozone theraphy uses intramuscular to treat allergies, infections and cancer (autohemotherapy).
Autohemotherapy (ozonation of blood) can facilitate in treating AIDS, hepatitis, arthritis, hypersensitivity reaction (allergy) and herpes.

If you are stricken by spinal injuries such as low back pain and disc disorders, you can use injections of ozone gas, ozonucleolysis or ozone discectomy which can give you better results than surgery.

Ozonucleolysis treatment is less painful and cost effective. Ozone discectomy is that the injection of ozone and this can be injected into affected ontervertebral disc.

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